Lazaros Shares 90s and early 00s Wax Weapons from his Crate

Hidden in the tight alleys of Cologne, a flourishing underground scene exists as an often overlooked gem on German’s eastern border. Home to more than one techno export, the Deutsch producer Lazaros another name mixing with the best in global techno. On the founding roster of Frankey & Sandrino’s Sum Over Histories, Lazaros’ influence from and on Berlin is press on more than one well-received record. It doesn’t take long to realize this techno talent runs in the right circles. A recent appearance in the Boiler Room at Berlin shop Muting The Noise, Laz took to the decks armed with a dapper get up and deep crate.

Blending intricate cuts with basic techno foundations, Lazaros definitely has an ear for fitting unique productions into the mix. Proof that top records are timeless, Lazaros’ crate showcases dance tracks that have moved the floor for a decade or more. Hinting at years digging deep in the shops, this is just a quick peek into the collection from this German tastemaker. Flip through his selekts and hit that follow button because Laz is one act you should be familiar with.

Omar-S – Psychotic Photosynthesis

This 2008 release on Omar S’ own Detroit label FXHE Records, the name does justice to this intricate tech tune. Cosmic leads and analog melodies make this a classic Motor City track. A subtle take on the early genre, this one is history revisited in a late night package.

Lil Louis – French Kiss

Who doesn’t pack a few late 80s dance hits in their road crate? Nothing brings back that neon feels like a strong cut of acid-influenced house. Chicago’s Lil Louis made his name with this vibrant 12″. Known for its signature tempo work laced with erotic vocals, this is a record to get the crowd hot. As the spark which ignited a global production career (including collaboration with Dark Punk), this one’s a classic in every sense of the word.

Microworld – Signals

It was the 90s and Derrick May’s Transmat was firing, Detroit has changed the game over the past decade and this record is a result of continued evolution. Layered melodies of shrill analogy set a techno trance without overwhelming drops.

System 7 – Planet 7 (Holden remix)

Originating from trance/psychedelic innovators System 7, this stead rework of the wild original. Delivered through A-Wave, this mix resides on an eclectic catalog packed with dance music royalty. You could say these days paved the way for euphoric and uplifting house, but James Holden’s rework remains hommage to classic style.

Angel Moraes – Ur Luv is all I Need

Channel the disco vibes through this funky vocal dance tune by Angel Moraes. This long-time Brooklyn local came of age on iconic dance floors like Paradise Garage. The influence is evident in clean cut dance tunes like this one.

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