Broken English Club Kicks off Album Trilogy on L.I.E.S.

Described by the label as “a collection of caustic and absurd portraits of the human animal”, Oliver Ho returns as Broken English Club. Inline with what makes the New York label great, White Rats pushes the boundaries of industrial in a haunting late night way. Paired with an album sleeve of disturbing and erotic photography by Javier Gallego Escutia, the dystopian sounds of the 9 part double vinyl evoke the worst in late night angels.  

Diving through erratic synths and punching jabs, you’ll have a shiner before making it through the first track. A threatening vocal on title track ‘White Rats’ craft a vamp anthem you won’t want to tell your parents about. It’s this bold take a urban techno that scare the shit out of your typical dance fan that we love every step of the way. Throughout the album, vulgar chants lace analog ballads in a futuristic punk fashion. Plenty of powerful jabs fill in the melodies with a dizzying pulse of modern anarchy. Methodic beats such as ‘Tarmac Paradise’ make the listener earn this journey through a wave a dark wave techno.  

Ho continues to push his sound with metallic acid tracks, guitar noise/drone experiments. It’s no surprise that the seminal industrial label welcomes the project back with open arms. Look for part 2 in 2019, in the meantime, go kill some neon-clad underground wannabees with this heavy LP double pack.

Pick up the 12″ from L.I.E.S.


A1 Joy Scar

A2 White Rats

A3 Funny Games

A4 Anonymous Death Tape

B1 Animal Town

B2 Let’s Play

B3 God Man Dog

B4 Tarmac Paradise

B5 Stab Boy