John Barclay Debuts Liquid Soap on 2MR

Label boss, producer, and fan of techno on wax, John Barclay has refined his craft across the scope of the music industry. Having put in his time behind the scenes of the biz, his productions have been limited while co-founding NYC-staple Bossa Nova Civic club among other renegade venues that make Brooklyn techno great. Safe to say Barclay juggles more than a few successful projects.

John has cut his teeth as a producer through ‘fantasy techno’ collective Dust. Appearing on labels like Mannequin and 2MR over the past 5 years, Barclay is branching out solo with a unique release of his own. Liquid Soap’s first marks Barclay’s solo debut on Simonetti’s NJ-based outlet.

Taking a different approach to the standard techno record, Barclay blends a post-apocalyptic blend of industrial techno with trance and electro tones for an impactful dystopian EP you won’t want to miss. Titled ‘Naja Warfare’, the digital-only release includes 4 gritty tracks and and story-telling mixtape.

…an hour-long conceptual fantasy techno mixtape which tells the story of a supernatural ancient civilization. The content is 100% original productions overdubbed with sword fights, cavalry explosions and war speeches. 

Made for listening but perfect for the dance floor, Barclay proves his ability to introduce new and unique concepts to a market looking for guidance. As told in the Inverted Audio premiere, the EP ‘sure sounds like the very idea of a life-affirming artistic manifesto’. The concept release tells the fictional story of ‘Naja’, an ancient people annihilated by neighbors. It’s sci-fi created for the club and we dig.

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