LSD Announce New Label with Double Pack Vinyl

After breaking into the scene with a project debut on Ostgut Ton in 2017, LSD are creating their own imprint that reflects the trippy techno vibe of the group. Luke Slater, Steve Bicknell and Dave Sumner have quickly carved out a space for this niche project. Live performances on influential stages like Dekmantel Festival, Awakenings, and label-home Berghain showcase the trio’s pure sound of raw percussive techno.

‘Process 7’ is the first looking into forthcoming 6-tracker due out near the end of June. Promising to take listeners to another dimension with ‘surreal atmospheres and propulsive drum programming’, the three take a long history in techno and package it into a timeless sound.

Focussing on psychedelic aspects of techno while drawing on the unique rhythmic sensibilities of each of the three members, between them this group have all had a major impact on the global techno scene over the last two decades.

The group picks of right where they left off on the Ostgut release. Dubbed ‘Second Process’, track names labeled 4 through 9 are the next phase from their debut (which included Processes 1 through 3). It’s a story, but we’re unsure of what. Safe to say that the new imprint proves that LSD is just starting to kick in because Slater and co seem to have a plan.

Hit follow on their label’s new channels to hear more as the Second Process is unveiled. Considering these three have probably in excess of 60 combined year of electronic production, LSD are an act of innovators.