Marie Davidson To Depart Club Music

This one’s a bummer, but we’re excited to see what’s to come as Marie Davidon starts a new chapter as a musician. The Ninja Tune-signed producer made major waves last year when her four-album, ‘Working Class Woman’, hit the racks. But now it seems that she’s on to something different. Way back in 2016, she hinted that this was coming in album title ‘Adieux Au Dancefloor‘. The time is finally here as Davidson signs off at a Red Bull event in her home town of Montreal.

It’s unclear what exactly that means but luckily for us, listening to music is just as fun a dancing. Hopefully, we won’t hear any less from Davidson but seems like her true departure from leading the dance floor. She only performed live so that means nothing in the club, period. A well-known hardware head, she’s focused on the small details while making music. We’re predicting Davidson continues to create electronic-centric music on the experimental side of the tempo range. Before her sign off, take a detailed look at her setup as shown during Red Bull Music Academy (also R.I.P.). All in all, sad news but looking forward to more music from Marie Davidson.