Watch Marie Davidson Explain Her Live Setup

She recently released a massive LP on Ninja Tune and is inspiring producers across the globe, Marie Davidson is here to stay. In a recent interview with Electronic Beats she describes the inportance of ‘actually playing’ music (live) rather than DJing. 

You get a rush like from drugs, or adrenaline, and after that you get a tail. Sometimes after a really good show I feel like, “This is is it! I am the luckiest person on earth.” This is what you have to keep in mind the day after when you feel like shit. You know, nobody cares about you then, or knows who you are! You feel like some kind of primitive person at this stage because you get to feel awesome and you get to go on stage and share what you really care about and what you really believe with a bunch of people who are also enthusiastic. And you get paid for doing that! But yeah, the day after when you are hungover and sleep deprived you are a nobody. It’s hard, but it’s also good. It’s a good reality check, which is healthy!

We can all undoubtubly learn something from this quick masterclass by this unique, quality-based artist. After giving it a watch, make sure to stream/buy Working Women from Ninja Tune.