Max Cooper Shares New Video on ‘One Hundred Billion Sparks’ Release Day

It’s been some months since we caught first wind of Max Cooper’s ambitious new project ‘One Hundred Billions Sparks’. 12 tracks crafted in the complete isolation of a remove Welsch cottage express what was left after stripping away the distractions of everyday life. Cooper’s third studio album explores the boundaries of synthetic harmony. Teasers tracks such as Rule 110, gave an early look into the dreamy robotic melodies packed throughout the album. Now that we’re here on release day, the content keeps coming as Max teams up with regular-collaborator Kevin McGloughlin for a visual ‘Lovesong’. 

“The love song is a painfully cliched topic for a piece of music, and seems to be more about making money than anything musical, so it’s something I’ve always avoided. But it came as a natural conclusion to my album project about the mind and what forces and ideas create who we are, particularly with the arrival of a new (tiny) person in my life. I wanted to try and convey the idea in as honest and simple a manner I could.” – Max Cooper

As MESH014 officially hits the rack, track number 12 is an emotic look into love and new life. Inspired by the recent arrival of a new child, Cooper admits that ahead of this the love song was a commercial cliche. As evident in the smooth tones of the second to last album track, ‘Lovesong’ is a deep look into the artist heart. Max Cooper spoke with longtime collaborator Kevin Mcgloughlin about the project who came up with the idea to collect photos from the people who would be listening to the music. The video became a global portrait, a personal and meaningful experience. Watch in now or buy/stream the LP. 

One Hundred Billion Sparks Tracklist
01. Incompleteness    
02. Hope    
03. Phi    
04. Rule 110  
05. Reciprocity    
06. Emptyset    
07. Volition    
08. Platonic    
09. Identity    
10. Reflex    
11. Lovesong  
12. Memories