Detroit Legend, DJ Mike Huckaby Dies

Detroit legend Mike Huckaby died this week due to complication of a stroke while battling COVID19. Known for carving out his out sound in deep house, Huckaby brought created lasting channel from Detroit to Berlin via early Tresor gigs in the late 90s. From early days working at the infamous Record Time shop to his label Deep Transportation; Huckaby was a lasting pioneer of Detroit and dance music’s roots.

Beyond making music, Huckaby’s legacy lies in his passion for mentoring the scene. As DJs took to social media after hearing the news, many remember his willingness to teach and guide artists far beyond Detroit. His passing comes at a shock to the community as pre-COVID, Huckaby kept an active touring schedule.

Booking agent Daniel Liakhovitski has confirmed to Pitchfork that Huckaby passed away from complications related related to stroke and COVID-19. “Mike Huckaby was an incredible talent and a beautiful soul. A giant of a man, deeply loved by all who knew him. Mike’s life was all about music. Please listen to his tracks and his DJ mixes. His music speaks louder than words,” Liakhovitski said in a statement. “His legacy will forever live on in the hearts of house and techno music lovers all over the world.”