Ellen Allien Announces EP on Boddika’s Nonplus

BPitch Control founder and queen bee Ellen Allien is branching away from her iconic label for the first time in 20 years. The Berlin icon needs no introduction as the name behind the helm of one of the most consistent German outlets two decades running. As evident in the title, ‘Take a Stand’ features political undertones in a strong way. Ellen understands the underground community as much as anyone, the EP is her plea to the community. A call to action for this scene in today’s charged times, this powerful statement is a rave inspiration. 

“My own history and experiences in the Techno scene inspired me to motivate people to stand up for what they think, for their opinions and rights A lot of people say that Techno isn’t political, but why not? It can be political of course.” –  Ellen Allien

The title track wastes no time in starting the movement. Driving hollow drums set a pace for a big room techno track made for the masses. Static grit interwoven between the chants, make this powerful single an instant catch. As the release continues, track two takes a jab at a familiar millennial term in a good way, of course. Boasting a cosmic build, ‘Trigger’ sets off the B-sides with carefully crafted bleeps and a simple vocal. Track number three rounds off the record with Allien’s signature alien undertones. 

All and all, Take a Stand is a solid addition to any crate. Packed with weapons, all three tunes are set ready heaters. Get a whiff of the release by streaming the teasers, but make sure to look for the 12″ hitting the racks August 31st.  


A1. Take A Stand
B1. Trigger
B2. Flying Objects