‘It’s Not a Genre It’s a Feeling’ Delivers Round 2 of Anonymous Heat

Mysterious wax series ‘It’s Not a Genre It’s a Feeling’ recently hit the shelves and it’s a prime cut of modern-day white label. Brought to you by Eugene Whang the creative mind behind San Francisco’s Public Release Recordings, the anonymous 12″ is made for the dance floor. A shining beacon of what crate digging was made for, this is an essential cut you won’t want to miss. 

For almost 10 years Eug has been slinging high-quality pressings of house legends across the states. Names like Tim Sweeney, Mike Simonetti, and Jacques Renault are stamped on 17 releases prove quality over quantity. If Public Release’s catalog is any indication, you already know NOT_02 is gonna make ’em move. 

“If you need powerful weapons for the dance floor in your arsenal, here you go so long as you have the confidence and the trust of your dancers.  If you don’t have either, this could be your stepping stone, DJ.”

Dubbed funk/boogie/disco, these four tunes embody Eug’s tastemaker experience as an A&R, promoter, and DJ. Kicking things off with a serious keyed melody on ‘She’s Got Legs’, this one teases throwback vibes made for getting lost. Stepping up the percussion, this record gets heavier as ‘Once Again’ and ‘Moonlight Break’ weave melodies with jabs all on crisp drums. Peaking at ‘The Mind’, the record reaches max speed as unique samples and vox cuts recreate disco in all it’s glory.  

The limited run of 315 copies of numbered vinyl quickly sold out online. You know what to do, get digging folks.

1. She’s Got Legs
2. Once Again
3. Moonlight Break
4. The Mind

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