Octave One Debut New A/V Show

Since their 1989 debut on Derrick May’s Transmat Record, the techno group Octave One have consistently innovated the production and performance of the genre. Lenny and Lawrence Burden are Detroit originals with a progressive look on electronic music. The project has sold well over a million records and continues to stay a fixture in essential sets across the globe.

To kick off 2019, the brothers debut their new live experience at no other than New York’s CityFox Live experience. Known for throwing picturesque outdoors along the rivers of Brooklyn, this crew has to it takes to set the stage for the Octave One debut. The party also includes legendary live act Âme, it’s basically a spiritual affair. After the kickoff the guys head to Printworks London to continue the live tour at AVA Festival.

Keep watch for Octave One live and check out the debut if you’re in the city.