P. Leone Kicks off E-Missions with 1994EVER

NYC is in wax mode and E-Missions is the latest driver. Local boy P.Leone is launching his own shop with a debut heater framed for the dance floor. He’s DJed his way through the Brooklyn circuit and is prime paced on the late night borough’s dance track.

Three singles and a remix make up club heavy 12″. Jabs, lots of jabs as P.Leone cranks up the tempo to mandate an uptick in you dance floor expectations. Starting off with ‘Coast Atlantic’ the Queens producer shows some soul with a layer of classic house lead that are a Chicago type of familiar. The lead tune ‘Tears’ is ready with a kick, literally. Dubbed by Mixmag as ‘a potent kick drum’, the industrial warehouse tune does the job. You’re ready to swing about your weight with this record in your crate.

As the first showing from the new label, Leone’s collaboration with Caiazzo already has a voice. We’re itching for more after the just a dose of the full record, more importantly, can’t wait for a rinse at the party. Go buy this somewhere.