P.Leone Talks Wax at Halcyon

Way down the Q train, South Brooklyn streets meet the ocean at a Brighton Beach. Home to the infamous Coney Island, the boardwalk serves as a quick getaway for the city that never sleeps. Though currently residing in Berlin, Salvatore Carlino’s roots will always be in Brooklyn, just on the city outskirts but close enough to be an essential part of the area. As an artist, his influences lie in recent decades of thriving big apple house and techno.

Introduced into a scene that had be defined by iconic techno parties like Storm Rave, Carlino caught on quickly to techno by getting familiar with local legends like Adam X, Frankie Bones, and Joey Beltram. P.Leone’s modern sound blends the classic frameworks that made NYC rave unique with industrial power of European techno. Growing up working in his parents Brooklyn pizza join, Carline worked the late shift before heading heading out to late nights immersing himself in the sounds of the city.

I would hate coming home and smelling like pizza, but I was really fortunate to have a job… I don’t recommend anyone work for family for too long, but I had a gig.

By learning from label bosses while growing his own artist project, Carlino is now building a dependable team through his Brooklyn-based E-Missions outlet. Founded in 2017 with fellow Berlin-based New Yorker Caiazzo, the crew is just around the corner from CAT 008. Early support by both local selektors and global media got the label off to a quick kickstart. Now aided by local DJ Alex Seamens on the design side, this small team is quickly getting a reputation for quality dance floor heat.

Debut his own sounds on Spencer Parker’s Work Them Records, the P.Leone project has carved out it’s own sound of tough percussion in power house. Now was seems to be a common fixture on Radio Slave’s Rekids label group, this BK producer is making a solid impression on both sides of the Atlantic.

After making friends in all the right places, Carlino seems to have struck the perfect balance between his own artist project and budding label. The latest record by False Witness was a solid home run with erratic rave techno by a growing local name. Paying homage to his home while branching out to the global scene, P.Leone is a just another Brooklyn kid making it in the big leagues.

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