Paleboi Blessings EP is LoFi Nostalgia

It’s no news that something’s in the water up in Norway, a steady stream of dance talent has been coming out of the north for well over a decade. The latest Oslo export is Lo-Fi young buck Paleboi who has recently dished out a new EP release you won’t want to miss. Dubbed ‘Blessings’ this three-track self-release is a journey through uplifting funk, framed in house and made for the dance floor. 

The title track kicks things off with a smooth melodic take on vocal chops. Without any need to bang out a drop, Paleboi’s dance through crips percussion, light keys, and catchy hooks are an easy add to the setlist. Things get punchy as track two clocks in at just over 6 minutes of double kicked low-end jack. Hit the follow on this guy and watch out for more.