Umfang Takes a Heavy Cut on Still’s ‘Gozpaal’

Brooklyn’s Umfang represents the new face of Gotham subculture rooted is relentless industrial techno and Berlin-esque events. Now a fixture in the European club circuit, Emma Olson and the Discwomen crew are quickly setting the standard for a refined wave of DJs who aren’t bound by genres and embody acceptance and empowerment above all. Founding member of the movement started behind the decks of Bossa Nova, the Umfang project continues to evolve as a bold statement of underground artistry.

Her latest studio offering comes in the form of a tough rework of Milan based producer Simone Trabucchi’s Still project. Originally released on his 2017 album on Pan, the tune is packed with unique sounds for Umfang to do her worst. The resulting cut packs quite the punch as Umfang layers the steady rhythmic drums for a hollow techno banger fit for a harder floor. Reflecting sounds you may hear late in the Berghain mornings, the remix marks a big addition to the Umfang crate. 

Productions like this serve as the late night anthem for an inclusive new world of urban-centered nightlife. Taking queues from Europe’s most counter-culture dance floors, the idea is beginning to take hold in cities across the states. Keep watch for a Discwomen showcase near you. Armed with tunes like this, Umfang is sure to make the dance floor sweat.