Patrice Bäumel Helps You Get Released

Let’s say you read our feature last year with Patrice and now you have a hard drive full of heaters ready to see the light of day. Whats next you say?

Producer, DJ, and all around nice guy Patrice Bäumel has recently kicked off an advice column straight from his Facebook feed. After starting a few weeks back on the topic of artist management, he’s now dishing out tips to get signed and you should be paying attention. Patrice’s tunes may not be for everyone but his Discog‘s page doesn’t lie, the guy is on some seriously influential labels.

Broken down into a few short steps, the Afterlife and Kompakt regular gives a three must haves when approaching the release process. Read what he had to say here.

How to send a demo:

I assume that the ultimate goal of sending a demo is to get signed by a quality label. Do you want to know how to stand out from the hundreds of demos these labels receive every week? Read on.

Step 1. Internal quality control.
Before sending your demo, test it on the dancefloor. Share it with dj friends. In my experience, if the reaction is not overwhelmingly ‘wow!’ you are likely not quite ready for the big stage. Be honest to yourself and get feedback from people who will be straight with you, good or bad. Getting good at making tracks is a marathon, so enjoy the process of self-improvement.

Step 2. Make a short list of potential labels.
Once you have confirmation your demo is in fact awesome, congratulations, you passed the most difficult hurdle. Now aim high. Make a list of 3-5 dream labels that are a good fit. The best labels should receive your demo first. They can give you career-changing exposure. Then work your way down the list.

Step 3. Sending the demo.
The best way to get noticed is a personal introduction through someone close to the label. Use your contacts if you have them. The demo mail itself should be personal. ‘Hey, listen to my tracks’ kills any chance of getting heard. Do your homework and address the A&R by name. Keep it short and explain in a sentence why you want to be part of the label. Avoid phrases like ‘I’m sure you are going to like my tracks’. Stay humble and let the music do the talking.

Include a streaming link with your best 2-3 tracks. Your top track should come first. Soundcloud with download option, 320kbps mp3 quality is ideal. Never force people to download before listen, wetransfer or zip files are no option! Keep it user friendly.

Following these simple steps will already put you ahead of 95% of the competition.

A few remarks: If you have well-known dj friends, send them your demo, too. They can help you get noticed simply by playing your stuff. Also, avoid making music that sounds exactly like what is already out on the label of choice. Nobody is interested in me-too artists.

Good luck and do not give up. In the long run, hard and smart work always succeeds.

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