Terr Debuts on Phantasy with Two Prins Thomas Mixes

Terr isn’t a new act by any means, but her sounds is spectacularly fresh. After being tapped by Jenn Cardini for an EP on Correspondent last year, the Brazilian transplant is clearly executing the demo process right as she returns on Erol Alkan’s Phantasy Sound.

Centered around a stellar single, the vocalist and producer drops a timeless sound that unsurprisingly caught the British legend’s ear. Not sure who called in the Prins Thomas favor, but it’s a prime fit for the nu-disco tune. Prepare yourself for a day (or even week) of replays for this one as it’s a dance tune for any occasion.

Arguably one of the catchiest moments in Phantasy’s musical history

Undoubtedly indebted to the visionary modulations of Giorgio Moroder, Phil Oakey and Wendy Carlos, ‘Tale of Devotion’ flawlessly captures the romance, ecstasy and opportunity throbbing at the heart of dancefloors for the past fifty years.

A1. Tale of Devotion
A2. Tale of Devotion (Dub)
B1. Tale of Devotion (Prins Thomas Diskomiks Remix)

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