Amato & Adrian Debut on Mannequin

The number of projects breaking each week is staggering to say the least, but The Hacker’s new duo certainly can’t be overlooked. Dubbed Amato & Adrian, Michel Amato (The Hacker) joins forces with Mannequin boss Alessandro Adriani for fresh look on classic warehouse sounds. Both artists have made their own impact on underground music as we know it, the A&A approach allows the nuanced differences of their production techniques take on a life of their own. All in all, it seems like a match made for the club.

The collaboration fuses contemporary ideas with the duo’s shared love for electro, EBM, Post-punk, Wave and the natural synergy to be found in the creative moment. 

Gritty basslines embody the four-track 12″, layering warms synths across a bed of industrial percussion. Titled ‘Presence Du Futur’, the two European producers seems to strike the perfect balance between electro filth and tightly mixed techno. Tapping Stephen Mallinder for a single vocal tune, the goth-rock EBM is an anthem for night.

Plenty of producers are going for a modern take on a heavy warehouse sound but many often miss the mark for the masses. Amato & Adrian are walking a fine but well-balanced line between relentless techno-driven electro and easy-to-digest dancefloor tones. This true crate weapon is one from the growing catalogue of the legendary project.

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