Red Light Radio Announce Closure of Iconic Studio

For over a decade the Hugo van Heijningen and Orpheu de Jong’s Red Light Radio has been broadcasting the sounds of Amsterdam from the cities epicenter. Helping form the modern culture of Dutch techno, the online radio carved out a space in dance that can be described as nothing short of timeless. Long before the livestream went mainstream at brick and mortar spots like The Lot or HÖR, this outlet was streaming from a recognizable window just steps from the canals of the Red Light District.

While riding the streets it’s always worth a pass. Often stumbling on heavyweights like Dettmann or Nina behind the decks of the infamous window, the studio has become more than just couple of decks linked to the web. Tucked away behind the studio is an alleyway record shop, icing on the cake for a mellow evening jaunt.

Forced with what appears to be landlord issues, the team recently took to socials to announce the end of this space. Along with the space, the radio turns off their daily programming. This announcement comes with a promise for a fresh take on bringing people together but safe to say it’s the end of an era.

Keep watch as Red Light Radio transition to programming to their AMS shop. We’re certain that there’s much more to come from this camp on the other side of COVID.