Radio Slave and Patrick Mason are SRVD

Rekid’s latest is an exciting collaboration from the boss himself. A collaboration with devout club kid Patrick Mason, SRVD is a project made for all dance floor scenarios. Evidence of Radio Slave’s past interaction with pop sounds and crips vox, Rekids 124 is fun addition to the crate.

SRVD’s story begins when the pair met in Panorama Bar, which soon led to Edwards and Mason hanging out at the studio and later evolved into improvised performances in Berlin’s club scene and beyond. ‘ELEVATE’ perfectly captures the raw spirit and vibe of their live show, with whispering vocals ushering in precision kicks and piercing stabs until Mason’s mesmerising voice comes fully into play.

An homage to the New York vogue scene and a huge hit at Panorama Bar – where the pair have set the house on fire with three unannounced shows so far this year – ‘NASTY’ is a syncopated, bass-driven monster of a cut complete with infectious claps and metallic effects.

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