VTSS Teases ‘Identity Process’

Discwomen-supported artist Martyna Maja is a firm figure in the new wave of relentless talent taking over high intensity dance floors worldwide. Her project VTSS has already made a name wielding impactful techno, EDM, and hardcore into a hype rave vibe. It’s a relevant preface the the preview vid kicks off with an epilepsy warning, her sounds get strobe rowdy.

Maja is just getting started, but the Berlin-based Polish native started down the music path early. After music school didn’t work out, the local culture of club music just made sense. Admitting in a U909 interview that she’s ‘shaped the most by my hometown Warsaw and Poland as a whole’, VTSS is the output of those intense club music upbringings. What we’re saying is…. you should plan a trip. Known for her long-lasting residency at the Brutaż parties and club Jasna 1 in Warsaw, she put out her debut EP on SPFDJ’s Intrepid Skin label last year, followed by her recent 12” on Haven.

vtss identity process

Her Repitch debut channels this same ardor into four heavy-hitting bangers that serve as sonic power conductors and ecstatic stamina enhancers. The industrialized pounding of her drum sounds is always accompanied by a taste for reimagining the classic vestiges of techno, rave and even hardcore: from hoover sounds and sampled vocal refrains to classic Berlin- style staccato synth pulses. Her approach is though far from just piling a set of tokenized references, and the raw urgency that fuels her creative energy keeps her production as fresh as her behind-the-decks manifestations.

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