The Maghreban Shares Monster VIP on R&S

It was only earlier this year The Maghreban’s album hit the racks on R&S. A true artist album, the thirteen tracks of Afroheavy electronic were a unique look into the diverse and sometimes dark house music sound of Ayman Rostom. Previously producing hip-hop heavy tunes under the Dr. Zygote, it’s no surprise that his newest tunes boast a tough grime-heavy approach to house. 

Somewhat of a knockout punch after thirteen rounds of The Maghreban’s 01DEAS album, the Monster VIP is a ‘party at your own risk’ type of heavy. First teased when the Batu Remix when digital last month, RS 1812 is shaping up to be a rave-ready crate essential. Before getting into the title track, that Batu Remix needs a good rinse. The deep and punchy melody is going to put your subs to the test, but well worth it. On the dance floor because this rework of album-original ‘Eddie’ is gonna set the tone all night.

Rostom’s South London roots hit you square in the face with a VIP that defines the term. The hard edit of Monster is made for wax drops and backspins. Flex in audio for, Maghreban’s long history in the rap game comes to fruition in this unapologetic VIP reserved for confident yet rowdy sets. 

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A – Monster VIP
B1 – Eddies (Batu Remix)
B2 – Carpet Bombing