Max Cooper Shares Post-Pop Single ‘Rule 110’ Off of Upcoming Album

A/V innovator Max Cooper is well on his way to new album ‘One Hundred Billion Sparks’ due out September 10th. 12 tracks crafted in the complete isolation of a remove Welsch cottage express what was left after stripping away the distractions of everyday life. Staying true to his nerd side, Max’s latest single is based on 1983 cellular automaton rule introduced by scientist Stephen Wolfram. A fundamental description of a thinking machine, Rule 110 is a prime reflection of the raw aesthetic captured in the full-length LP. 

“I have a childhood love of 80’s synth music, so when I decided to use Wolfram’s cellular automata Rule 110 to tell part of the visual story, I immediately thought of big gated-reverb snares and classic synths, because the system spits out something akin to Tetris. The interesting thing is though, it’s showing something much deeper. It’s the simplest way I know of to visually represent “Turing completeness”, which gives us a little peak into the artistry of thinking machines. The result is never entirely predictable, neither dominated by order or chaos, but with form.” – Max Cooper

Blending boundaries between underground culture and a mainstream take on futuristic electronica, Max once again leads a techno foundation to a radio-ready composition. Using his familiarly rich textural palette, this time with a hint of post-pop, the London-based artist presents a glistening trip through expansive pads and glitching vocal refrains. Somewhere beyond the scope of terrestrial trends, the synth-heavy ballad pay homage to cosmic sounds of past decades. Someone call Netflix, this one should easily make the Stranger Things soundtrack.