Lucy Returns to His Main Label After Six Years

Luca Mortellaro has always been a storyteller. Since launching Stroboscopic Artefacts back in 2009, he’s introduced the world to stories of unique and ‘pioneering’ electronic music. Self-described as borrowing the curiosity of a scientist to seek out artists who do things differently. Clocking in a cat 034, Luca returns to the main label for the latest tune from the Lucy project. Titled ‘Dyscamupia‘, the three-part single has an influence from for than just the dance floor.

an introspective, multisensory techno triptych revolving around the core sequence of Albert Camus’ classic existentialist novel, ‘The Stranger’… three variedly intense, deep and hypnotic techno variations – flexing from 120 to 130, onto 140 BPM – each of them translating a particular step in the author’s minute, focal-shifting depiction of the unknown man’s murder on the beach.

Taken from the controversial novel about main character-Meursault’s alternative thinking and eventual condemnation for such, the release celebrates those who do things differently without necessarily supporting the existentialist. Vocalist Jason Snell acts as narrator to Camus’ chilling prose.

Delivered in three unique formats ranging between 5 and 12 minutes, this artistically-blended record channels a variety of expression to delivery a truly attractive package. By hitting the racks on March 15, Lucy makes another powerful statement for the label and approach.