Sasha’s New Record on Kompakt Connect The Dots in Dance

One would initially associate Kompakt with Sasha but at second thought it makes perfect sense. Somewhere between The Hacienda and Ultra Festival, Sasha pioneered an essential era of dance music that paved the way for movements. His early Digweed collaborations in the studio and behind the decks became an introduction to the euphoria in the dimmest warehouses. As consisting touring Dj since the 80s, Sasha has probably lugged more than a few heavy record crates around the globe. His recent Boiler Room set at their 90s party was a fresh reminder of why acid house is timeless.

He hasn’t slowed down for decades, but recent output makes us extra excited to see what the legend will do next. He’s back on the road with Digweed and this latest tune on the German label brings us right back to the warehouse. Teaming up with vocalist POLIÇA, the legend delivers a solid house cut on the underground imprint. A perfect interpretation of the complete journey through house history, this record is a subtle homage to the past with plenty of edgy future. After almost 30 years of staying true to the house beat, ‘Out of Time’ displays pure expertise. Dreamy vocals, heavy percussion, and gut-wrenching bass add this one to the crate.

Maybe the original crew of house and techno veterans is going to be the ones who save us from EDM (we hope). For now we will continue as we have and trust the labels who dish the records we love.

Buy ‘Out of Time’ on 12″