Watch Scuba’s Trippy New Video for ‘Ants’

Hotflush boss and all around Scuba innovator recently took a trip down memory lane with the release of SUB:STANCE In Retrograde, a 10-track revival of his Berghain residency. Taking place during a defining period for the club, Paul Rose’s impact on those at the forefront of curated nightlife is evident in the top billings. His determination to go outside the boundaries of accepted dance floor sounds influenced producers everywhere to tell their own story.

Paul recently took a trip through the archives, digging through hard drives and getting gold. After finding a bunch of tunes that soundtracked the Berlin parties, he knew these timeless tunes needed to see the light of day. The album is a nostalgic to some but fresh as ever to most. 

“It’s ten years since the first SUB:STANCE party, so that got me thinking about it. I was then trawling through a load of old hard drives from back around then and was surprised at how much good music there was that I hadn’t heard in years. Finished tracks as well, not just ideas. So it made sense to bring those two things together.”

On  SUB:STANCE in Retrograde, Scuba cultivates the sonic aesthetic established in the UK in the incubative period of dubstep, whilst incorporating the fruits of an exploration of textures, drum patterns, and acoustics. Produced during the sessions for both his  A Mutual Antipathy and Triangulation albums, familiar dub tropes of slowly decaying echoes and floating pads are offset with industrial synth leads, intense percussion, and cavernous space. 

With the release of the full reissue, Scuba has shared a trippy new video. Cut to track two ‘Ants’, Scuba teamed up with animation shop Moving Systems for a nice add to the total package. Stream the entire album in all the usual places, but watch this first.