Nathan Micay Goes Non Profit with Schvitz Edits

Early last year Nathan Micay (formerly Bwana) kicked off a small passion project releasing reworks that bring the heat. Dubbed ‘Schvitz Edits’, the concept was always to bring non-dance tracks to the dancefloor with the added touch of Micay sound. Hidden in the descriptive title, Nathan (and others) make each track sweat while paying homage to the original classic.

After admitting that ‘he did well this year’, Micay being the chiseled representation of all things good in dance decided to make the label not for profit. Committing all of the profits (100%) to a focus queer NGOs, this label just went way further than the music. 003 goes to Humsafar Trust, India’s oldest and largest queer advocacy group.

We’ve been in touch for a bit now and in their words: “every bit counts”

Following the same concept with a bit of refinement given the new mission, Micay takes both sides for these edits of the subcontinent. On Side-A we get an unexpectedly heavy spin on ‘Koi Jaye To Le Aaye’ from the film Ghatak. Side-B finally sees the release of Micay’s tranced out take on cult outfit Cam Am Des Puig. After an appearance in Avalon Emerson’s BBC R1 Essential Mix last year, this is finally available for everyone. Act fast as always. No re-press.

Order SE003 Here