Pleasure Planet Debuts on Kim Ann Foxman’s self:timer

Surprisingly enough, Kim Ann Foxman’s meteoric rise from a resident at Brooklyn’s Good Room to a globe-trotting producer is more than just a hair that’s 10 years ahead of it’s time. An ex-regular of Hercules & Love Affair Kim’s on the bigger and better things with a new band you won’t want to miss. Kim Ann, Andrew Potter, and Brian Hersey are Pleasure Planet. ‘They do whatever they want and their music is their message to Planet Earth.’

Pleasure Planet’s four-track debut arrives by way of self:timer, an imprint of Kim’s-own Firehouse Records. Equal parts indie and electronic, the freshman release cuts deep through emotic verses and syth-led melody. ‘Get Lost’ kicks things off with a paced bass-laden drumline and entrancing sampled chorus. To me, Pleasure Planent’s style is a shining example of the influential sound of Brooklyn rock. Both Evaporate and Polyboo also contain the four on the floor framework of a late night dancefloor tune. Familiar sounds of Gotham afters ring throughout live sounds made for a DJ set. The team head out of bounds in Suzuki Samurai, an erratic melody of samples that’s both catchy and unique. 

All three accomplished artists and technology nerds, Pleasure Planet bind a fresh indie approach to synth-heavy electronic cuts for a truly rounded sound. Make sure to hit the follow button on this new live project.