Intrepid Skin Returns with Nene H.

Sporting a background well balanced electronic influenced by residence in multiple European cities, Berlin-based SPFDJ is successfully applying her taste behind the decks to A&R. After building a following by showcasing a deep crate, she’s evolved from radio to consistent top billings as the regions most influential events. Now building a crew behind her Intrepid Skin label, SPFDJ is an act you can’t be sleeping on.

Supported by global movement that is Discwoman, SPFDJ’s outlet has been given the nod from the right circles. A regular leading dance floors like Säule, Tresor, De School, and more, the label’s small catalogue represents the gritty sound of modern techno.

The label was born out of an urge to start an autonomous project… I had built both some confidence in my own judgement and a bit of “fuck any haters” attitude. 

SPFDJ Interview with Untitled909

Six months after the first release, Intrepid Skin is back for more. Another Berlin-transplant Nene H, clocks in for the sophomore release of the label. Classically trained (and acclaimed) as a pianist, Nene now follows a more ‘liberating path’ in music. Recent releases on Bedouin and Eotrax showcase an evolving sound for this innovative musician. Evidence that traditional music path still opens of the doors for exploration, Nene is a budding act poised to push the boundaries of production and perfromance.