This Book Will Teach You the Sequencing, ‘Step by Step’

We never said sequencing would be easy, but the reviews on this tutorial seem to think so. Author, Gregory Taylor’s new book is perfect winter reading for the studio scientist trying to get to know their hardware. Based on the Max/MSP visual programming language, Taylor’s pragmatic approach to the art of sequencing is spelled out in a clear, thoughtful manner. 

Step sequencers for electronic music are both widely loved and wildly diverse – they offer a simplified approach to composition and performance that can be the basis for personal music-making. Nearly everyone has a “favorite” step sequencer they know and love, and nearly everyone also has a few ideas to improve upon them.

Using the Max visual programming language, author Gregory Taylor starts with a tour of a simple step sequencer patch and then builds upon the original patch piece by piece, providing the recipes for over a dozen variations that range from the simple tweak to the profoundly deep whose parts can be recombined to produce even more variations.

In doing so, he presents Max as the perfect toolkit for creating these addictive devices, and give the reader a glimpse of how you can think with and work with the software.

Buy Step by Step: Adventures in Sequencing with Max/MSP

Pro Tip: this one will also work well as a holiday gift for your studio-loving bestie. 

Source: RA