DVS1 Creates Support. Organize. Sustain.

During the heart of Amsterdam’s dance music conference, DVS1 has announced a new forum for discussion of topics truly facing the industry. A far cry from ADE talks like ‘how to start a label’ geared toward deep pockets who don’t really listen, Support. Organize. Sustain. (S.O.S.) aims to make the dance floor experience better by attacking challenges head on.

Segments such as ‘building a scene not an industry’, ‘the important of no-camera policies’, and ‘finding and protecting space for marginalized communities’ showcase topics often heard in chatter among the underground. This free discussion is a great step in the direction of change.

Highly recommended if you’re in Amsterdam for ADE.

On the high seas, S.O.S. is an internationally recognized distress call. On the dancefloor, it’s something much different.

Spearheaded by Zak Khutoretsky, a.k.a. DVS1, S.O.S. is a group of people with years of experience in the music scene. Our ranks include DJs, producers, label owners, promoters, booking agents, political activists, academics, cultural critics and more, and we stand together under a single mantra: Support. Organize. Sustain.

Recognizing that dance music culture is now bigger than ever before, S.O.S. is rooted in the need to balance the industry’s seemingly exponential growth with the preservation of the unique values our scene was originally built upon: respect, tolerance, community and artistry.