Time Warp Returns to US for 25th Anniversary

At a certain cap, dance floors lose their intimacy. Select few around the globe can deliver a warehouse vibe that reflects the classic events all while delivering modern conveniences and of course… profit. As techno music nears peak trend, Germany’s Time Warp team channels the prime days where authenticity reigned and rave was family.

Kicking off in 1994, Time Warp festival has long been a pioneer for in the techno space. Putting names like Väth and Villalobos on a bigger stage than ever before, the event challenged what can be done (and replicated) year after year.

top tier sound systems, bold lighting design, and forward-thinking video projection… Time Warp assures an unparalleled experience that begins immediately upon entry.

After recently completing their main event, Time Warp shows no signs of slowing down. Partnering with local promoters Teksupport, the Time Warp team will once again cross the Atlantic for a two-day New York City event. If you caught the last running four years ago, the party took NYC techno to another level of warehouse massive. Hope to see more of the local scene on this time around.

Time Warp returns to New York City at an undisclosed location November 22nd and 23rd. Keep watch for lineup, tickets, and more news.

Check out this Gallery of the 25th Anniversary in Mannheim

18,000 techno and house fans joined for the 25th annual event.

Over the course of 19 hours, the billing played across seven stages