Summer Sunshine With Kapote

Approaching ever-closer to the 100th release mark, German-based groove machine Toy Tonics hit a milestone with their first album release.  A 10-track milestone is filled with of broken beats, jazz, and exotic samples. The LP is the masterpiece of Mathias Modica, the mysterion behind the Munk and Kapote aliases of the label. A well-seasoned vinyl collector and producer, Mathias is a Berlin based damn nerd who has collaborated with many greats of modern Electronica sound including James Murphy, Peaches, and WhoMadeWho.

The release is broken down between complete originals and a host of remixes and reworks for the remaining. Jaas Func Haus, Salva Tion and Fusion 79 start with a self described “broken beat house with a heavy jazz fusion feel” filled with keyboard solos and enough funk vibes to cure your passion for techno. Modica, while infusing elements of his rare vinyl collection, weaves his multi-instrumental talent throughout blending the old masters with his own intellect in a genuinely natural result.

Further on is bassline heavy Italo ‘Delirio Italiano’ , and although closer to the funk spectrum it may or not feature a tough talking Italian girl demanding you to buy the entire Toy Tonics catalog. We agree. From this point the next four tracks echo from past releases  (Fuck Music, The Nose, Get Down Brother, L.O.V.E.)   but have been shortened, sweetened, and had quite a few changes added for a completely new feel. Salva Tion, Space Drum finish off the album with dirty mid-tempo dirty broken beat jams to blow your cars speakers out with on the way to the Rockaways.

Being a broke-ass writer means you review a lot of record you can’t buy, but “What It Is” is an exception. Embodying the sound that makes Toy Tonics vinyl so sought after, Kapote’s sound is the antidote for those poisoned by the dull 4×4 sound that often can infect local discos. The perfect balance between home listening and club play, the album can be released in either medium with equally fantastic results. Record of the year thus far?

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