Trentemøller Releases Drone Awakening after 2 Year Silence

Multi-genre composer Trentemøller quietly announced a new project over the weekend with an ambient-esque tune ‘Sleeper’. The Danish electronic musician comes off a two-year silence with this mysterious tune. Jumping on the drone wagon, the slow track pairs gritty synths with a warm melody, this one should balance all those chakras after a night of heavy techno.

I really like to be alone. It’s nearly like being naked in the studio, and if someone were to walk in, that wouldn’t feel good.

Known for blending the lines of genres and for putting on one hell of a live show Trentemøller ranks high on the list of innovators in the electronic space. Without clear indication of an album or other projects in the works, fans are gonna have to wait it out.

Stream ‘Sleeper’ Here