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The infamous Tresor location opened in 1991 in a previously-forbidden zone of the disbanded Berlin wall. Immediately founding fathers of Detroit techno were behind the decks and the club’s fate was sealed. As one of the most iconic floors in techno the Tresor label compliments the sounds of the night with a deep catalog of timeless releases. Even after moving locations following the 2005 closure, the German institution is no doubt in the underground hall of fame. Nearing 30 years in existence, the brand still sits on the forefront of techno as an eternal fixture in the past and future of the genre. 

Spanning the next four months, Tresor label has planned five special releases for the for the dancers and collectors. Five classic albums from the catalogs of the Berlin label showcase techno’s founding fathers in timeless releases from decades in dance. First up, Jeff Mills’ Waveform Transmissions Vol. 3 is due out early next month on hand-stamped wax. The legend Juan Atkins’ Infinti project Skynet follows before Scion’s Arrange and Process Basic Channel Tracks, Drexciya’s Neptune’s Lair and Robert Hood’s Internal Empire complete the series.

The ongoing importance of this album is indisputable, essential both to techno and to Tresor. It is a history intertwined.

It’s safe to say these records still hold a solid spot in crates across the globe. Each release in this series was carefully chosen to represent moments in both the club and label’s history. The brand’s long relationship with Detroit has bridged the Atlantic while creating a global movement. The cosmic sounds of Mills’ 8-track release are evidence of the forward-thinking nature of this movement. Coming from a brand who invested the modern clubnacht, you should probably mark your calendar for these limited runs. 

Full ‘Masters Then, Masters Now’ Schedule

November 2: Jeff Mills – Waveform Transmission Vol.3
Limited, stamped and hand-numbered 2LP Vinyl

November 16: Infiniti – Skynet
2LP Vinyl

November 23: Scion – Arrange and Process Basic Channel Tracks
Limited CD edition

November 30: Drexciya – Neptune’s Lair
2LP Vinyl

February 1: Robert Hood – Internal Empire
2LP Vinyl / CD

Source: Fact Mag