‘New Cold Dream’ Presents A Frigid Future

For nearly a decade Matt Weiner’s TWINS project has dabbled in darker tones of the dance floor. If wasn’t until his 2018 debut on 2MR highlighted the acronym behind the name, ‘That Which Is Not Said‘. A quick trip through the growing catalog of the Atlanta-bred producer reveals an uncommon story of EBM fusion with an outspoken passion for new-age pop. The introduction of vox in recent releases results in the just the kind of 80s industrial blend the 2MR Mikes dig.

Ten tracks make up ‘New Cold Dream’, is evidence that ‘the idea of the “American Dream” has been replaced by a cold new frontier’. A sobering tone for a record that’s raw from the very start. Track 01 is the first reveal which tells a story all by itself. The tune comes paired with a video edited by Weiner. Somehow the scene channels some sort of backward dystopia reflecting a Pink Floyd revolution clip. Gotta admit it’s empowering given the album’s underlying theme.

I want people to feel moved; both moved to get up and move and also moved in a deeper sense of connecting with ideas that may not have made sense before


With more than a few albums under his belt, Matt Weiner is versed in telling stories with the TWINS project. Track names create their own little poem clearly laying out the album’s path inclusive of a two-part title track. Citing influences of Bauhaus and Depeche mode the description insists the ‘this record lives distinctly in the present’. The ruthless electro backs it up.