Stay Grounded with this Guide to Techno Biz

Saturated doesn’t even begin to describe the industry that has become electronic music. Navigating a sustainable artist brand while sticking true to the sounds that make it original is the never-ending push-pull. Long-time manager and promoter Pietro Licini has recently dumped a wealth of knowledge that’s worth a read. Delivered in the form of ‘The Underground Book’, he dives through opinions on authenticity, music, and management. 

The monetary influx of contemporary dance music culture, it’s changing a lot of people. Keeping it real depends on the moral weight of your character. If you take success in the right way and use success to further the ideals for which you stand for, it can be a good change.

– Seth Troxler, Thump.

Based on decades of time spent supporting artists across the waves of genre trends sweeping the industry, Pietro’s brands are known for sticking to their sound and building an organic brand. Using a variety of artist quotes throughout the hundred and twenty-page guide, the Italian dance boss documents the principles for keeping it real. 

As stated in the book, ‘the guide won’t make you an artist’, take it all with a grain of salt. Definitely worth a skip to keep true to your values and personal sound.

Download ‘The Underground Book’