Yan Cook is Building His Own Techno Brand

Getting started as a techno producer at the ripe age of sixteen, Ukranian producer Yan Cook coined a powerful sound from a young age. Influenced by Kiev’s wild scene, Cook has risen in the ranks of heavy hitting, warehouse-ready, dance cuts. Though he’s staying inside the boundaries of proven techno, this is one producer who’s attention to detail is recognized week after week on the floor.

After becoming a regular in his local (yet influential) scene, Cook’s consistent production took him to the touring circuit. Mixing ominous harmonies with a late night percussion, his sound is a familiar take on modern techno. As he evolves as an artist and build an artist project, Yan admits that straying from the standards keep it fresh and aid innovation in the studio.

I really try not to listen much Techno these days, ‘cause I think it’s affecting my tracks not in a good way, I’m trying to experiment more and find something original.

What has started as a personal outlet, Cooked is a budding imprint for his driving sound of heavy drums and minimal melodies. Clocking for releases by the man himself, the label is already delivering heat in limited wax. Already know for the impact of his original sound, we can soon expect friends to appear on the label. The next release include a remix package but that’s ‘all I can say for now’ explained Yan on the growth of Cooked.

Keeping the floor moving shouldn’t go overlooked. His consistent style of club-ready techno has seen him behind the iconic decks like Tresor, Berghain, and many more across the globe. His growing bookings from Asia to the Americas are making Cook a fixture on the global stage.

As Cook evolves his performance, live in an essential component. Fusing on the fly production and modular-esque triggers, each night is snapshot of an evolving show. While he looks for new ways to deliver classic tones, it’s safe to say this is one ac that will keep you moving.

Right now I’m working heavily on new material, experimenting with genres and doing some remixes. I have a record coming out on ARTS soon. Keep watch.